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Pad Up setting up in Surulere, Lagos

Period Don’t Stop Pandemic: Pad Up Impacts Over 300 Girls In Lagos

In partnership with Ishk Tolaram Foundation, Pad Up Africa carried out a one-day sensitization campaign in Surulere, Lagos on Saturday, 18 July 2020.

This campaign which was tagged ‘Period Don’t Stop for Pandemic’, is part of Pad Up Africa’s effort to support the government in its fight against the dreaded Covid-19 pandemic.

The campaign not only provided the organisation the opportunity to reach out to over 300 adolescent girls and women who need menstrual education and support, it also provided an opportunity to sensitize everyone on the need to regularly maintain utmost menstrual hygiene and cleanliness and also to take all necessary precaution to stay safe in this season.

The beneficiaries who couldn’t hide their excitement expressed their profound gratitude to Pad Up Africa and Ishk Tolaram foundation for bringing the campaign to their doorsteps and for providing immense support towards curbing the spread of Covid-19 and ending period poverty in Nigeria.

Some of the items that were distributed courtesy of Ishk Tolaram foundation include face masks and disposable/reusable sanitary pads to 152 girls which is expected to last them for a period of 6 months.

Affiliated with Tolaram Group, Ishk Tolaram Foundation was founded in 2016 with focus on education, entrepreneurial and vocational training, and healthcare in vulnerable communities in Indonesia, Nigeria, and Singapore.

Since its inception in 2017, Pad-Up Africa has continued to sensitize adolescent girls and young women against dangerous menstrual practices and on the need to maintain utmost cleanliness and menstrual hygiene.

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