Our Menstrual Hygiene Day campaign officially kick started on the 4th of May and if you’re not following us on our social media platforms, you’ve been missing out on a lot of information from us.
Here’s how you can participate in our on-going campaign.
Menstrual Hygiene Day Campaign 2021.
Day 3: Culture and Menstruation.
You can share some cultural or religious myths you’ve heard in the comment section and we’ll be waiting to engage with you.
Menstrual Hygiene Day Campaign 2021.
Day 4: Culture, Menstruation & Education
We can’t stop educating, raising our platforms and using our voices to unlearn negative education towards the girl child.
Menstrual Hygiene Day Campaign 2021.
Day 5: Menstruation & Money
The major issue with menstruation has always been funds and affordability of sanitary materials.
Women use a lot of things as substitute and in the process are prone to high infections.
A sustainable approach to this is the supply of re-usable pads. You can dm us for donations and contributions.

Padup Africa in partnership with Being A Black Muslim Girl Foundation(BMBG)is saying:
Gift a pad today and support #3000padsfor3000girls @ N450

Account Number: 1016017161
Bank Name: Zenith
$1 PayPal Account

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