Menstrual Education with Pad-Up Africa.Today, we’re talking Menorrhagia. If you have extremely heavy and prolonged periods consistently and maybe sometimes it messes with your health; fainting spells or feeling dizzy…We think you should speak up, see a physician and just make sure you’re totally okay.

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Today, we’re showing you some of the behind the scenes from our last outreach just to let you know that it takes a community of people to impact and a community of people to receive. Societal impact will never be within the reach of individualistic goals. You support with funds, someone…

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A lot of us may feel that education helps in bridging this gap within mythological contexts as bizarre as this .However, this is not true for most uneducated people within rural confines and some people along religious lines too. Today we’re choosing to educate you on this myth and emphasize the…



Terminology Thursday from Pad-Up AfricaIf you didn’t know what the word “Dysmenorrhea” meant, you’re welcome and if you’re also hearing the word “endometriosis” for the first time, you’re extremely welcome😊. Stay tuned to our page as we bring more enlightenment to you.Lastly, our dms are opened for collaboration.

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Happy New Month to all our dear followers.We are grateful for you and grateful to have you in our space. It’s the 8 month and we can’t wait to work with you in impacting humanity.Our dms are open for collaborations as always.

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