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It’s Wednesday and yes, we’re bringing you interesting facts😊

If you add all the months of menstruation in a woman’s lifetime
It can amount to an average of 7 years of bleeding continuously, says UNICEF.

At first glance it doesn’t look true.
Let’s do the math😊

If a lady starts menstruating from age 9 till she’s 45, it means she’ll menstruate for 36 years of her life.

5 days a month she bleeds
In a year, 12 months, She bleeds for 60 days estimatedly.

60 days x 36 years= 2160 days
There are 365days in a year
2160 divided by 365= You have 5.91
Which is approximately 6 years

Other factors

  1. Some women might menstruate till 50 years
  2. After childbirth, you bleed for like a full month.

Summary: Yes, what the fact states is true and we hope you have been educated.

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