On the 28th of May,
The long awaited Menstrual Hygiene Day.
Where were you?
How did you create Impact?

We were at Junior Secondary School Kado,
Sensitizing both male & female on

  1. Menstruation
  2. Female Genital Mutilation
  3. Gender based Violence

After which we shared pads.

It was really a time well spent and we have been encouraged to do more as we received a very warm welcome and reception from both the administration and the students.

Beyond sensitization,
The importance of comprehension in communication cannot very overlooked.

The students wanted to be spoken to in Pidgin English and
and of one of our team members @__lohwis did justice. You can watch the video via this link Watch More Footages

We educated them on:
Rape | Period Shaming | Domestic Violence and many more

We can all see a mixed crowd; Muslims and Christians alike.
Irrespective of our tribe, differences, religion and affiliations, in the end, it’s humanity first.

The challenges of life are more emotional and physical. They do not respect associational differences. We urge everyone to wear their human badges, chant impact as our mantra and wear their hearts on their sleeves unto helping young girls, boys and anyone around us.

Don’t forget. We are a dm away for more collaborations.

Together we can change the status quo of the girl child.

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